Harvard Course iSites will be Retired

The University has chosen Canvas as the officially supported course website platform, fully replacing Course iSites. All course websites will be delivered in Canvas by June 30, 2016, and Course iSites will remain in read-only mode until August 1, 2017.

Course iSites to be Retired

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Course iSites Retirement FAQ:

  1. As a member of the teaching staff, what should I do if I know I’ll need access to a course iSite after August 1, 2017? Can I export my site now?
    School support staff are able to export content from iSites upon request. This includes uploaded files, assignments, and text tool content. It does not include video, discussions, announcements, or content from other interactive iSites tools. Please contact your local academic support staff for more information.

  2. As a student, what should I do if I think I may need access to content after August 1, 2017?
    Please download any content you may need now or during the window of read-only mode. Content will not be easily available to students once the iSites platform is retired.

  3. Who has access during read-only mode? What permissions will read-only mode respect?
    Group and user permissions as of June 30, 2016 will be respected at the site, page, and topic box levels once sites are in read-only mode.

  4. Will there be a way to add or remove people from sites that are in read-only mode?
    Once sites are in read-only mode, permissions may be adjusted by help desk staff.

  5. Who is managing the read-only mode and shutdown of iSites?
    Academic Technology Services, Teaching and Learning Technologies, and the Standard iSites Migration team are working together to retire the iSites platform.

  6. Is course iSite content available through the Harvard University Archives?
    The Harvard University Archives crawler cannot access PIN-protected pages, so course iSite content is generally not available. Visit the University Archives website to learn more about website content that is available.

  7. What if my school has a policy in place that guarantees students access to their course materials for a time specified beyond August 1, 2017?
    Centrally, we will provide read-only access to iSites content through August 1, 2017.  If you have needs beyond that, please contact your local academic support staff.

  8. What will happen to iSites groups that are used to grant access to wikis and blogs?
    HUIT’s Identity and Access Management team is working on a group service replacement. In the meantime, iSites groups will remain available and usable in the Harvard Wiki and Blogs at Harvard platforms.

  9. What will happen to any redirects I have in place from an iSite URL?
    Redirects will be retired with iSites. No new redirects will be implemented after June 30, 2016.

  10. Now that I understand what's happening with my course iSites, what should I do about my standard iSites?
    For information on standard iSites, please visit the Standard iSite Migration Web Site.