TLT Presents at ABCD TIE

March 7, 2016

TLT presented at the March 7 ABCD technology in education (TIE) staff affinity group meeting. The session was run as an “un-presentation,” in which the audience (comprised of about 40 academic support professionals from across the University) selected from a list of possible topics for TLT to discuss.

To launch the conversation, TLT suggested the following possible topics for discussion:

  1. Migrating to Canvas
  2. Integrating Canvas with my.harvard
  3. Piloting Catalog
  4. Extending Canvas via LTI
  5. Bringing HarvardX into Canvas
  6. Extracting Canvas Data for Research
  7. Cultivating Communities of Practice
  8. Sunsetting iSites
  9. Finishing the Program
  10. Staying Updated

At the audience’s request, the TLT presenters (Kim Edelman, David Heitmeyer, Colin Murtaugh, Kristin Sullivan) focused primarily on:

  1. Piloting Catalog
  2. Extending Canvas via LTI
  3. Bringing HarvardX into Canvas
  4. Extracting Canvas Data for Research
  5. Cultivating Communities of Practice

View the slides.