2015-2016 Academic Technology Pilots

March 11, 2016

During AY 2015-2016, several innovative digital tools have been piloted across the University. Some are spearheaded by TLT, while others have been led at the school level. Even when a school elects to pilot a tool themselves, TLT is able to help through consultation and guidance related to licensing, security, tool effectiveness, funding, and evaluation. The goal of piloting tools is to gauge how well they meet teaching and learning needs. If you have a pedagogical challenge you think might be addressable through technology, raise it with your local academic support unit.


  • VoiceThread (DCE, FAS, HGSE): asynchronous discussions around various file types with media, text, and annotations
  • Vocareum (DCE, FAS): cloud-based Integrated Development Environment designed to be used by computer science courses
  • Canvas Catalog (Harvard Chan School, HGSE, HKS): institution-branded storefront for executive and extended learning experiences in Canvas
  • edX Content in Canvas: (DCE, FAS, Harvard Chan School, HLS): content hosted in edX displayed in Canvas via LTI integration


  • CritiqueIT (FAS): synchronous and asynchronous annotations of various file and comment types
  • Poll Everywhere (HGSE, HKS): device-agnostic student response system that leverages texting, web browsers, and Twitter
  • Omeka (FAS): open source platform for publishing and displaying image collections
  • AnnotationsX (FAS): the Annotation Tool used in edX for MOOCs, now available in Canvas