Academic Support Community

A key goal of TLT was to cultivate a robust teaching and learning community around the core technologies that TLT offers to Harvard.

This community -- comprised of faculty, teaching staff, designers, technologists, and other academic support professionals across the Schools -- primarily focused on sharing ideas, best practices, processes and products regarding teaching and learning technologies at Harvard with a particular emphasis on the Canvas platform. We also engaged with others in the teaching and learning space across schools and universities using Canvas and / or LTI tools.

There were many ways to get involved:

  • Subscribe to the TLT academic platform updates newsletter
  • Attend a bi-monthly Coffee & Canvas event
  • Propose a topic of interest to bring to Canvas Governance Group
  • Attend TLT's bi-weekly sprint demos, alternate Wednesdays at 10am at 125 Mt. Auburn Street 5th floor conference room
  • Join a TLT quarterly demo day
  • Participate in TLT's annual hackathon

For more information, contact Kim Edelman, TLT Senior Manager, Academic Platform Support and Engagement.